W. Michael Kintz
Yoga and Meditation Teacher Experience

El Camino Hospital.  Guest Teacher. 11.97-present.
Facilitate meditation group of  3-15 people with physical and mental challenges.   Teach mindful movement, Burmese body sweeping and metta during all day retreats to 40-50 retreatants.

San Mateo County Hospital.  Teacher. 3.98-present.
Teach meditation and yoga to HIV positive patients, their friends, family, and loved ones.

ACRC. Living Now Teacher. 6.98-present.
Instruct stress and the immune system, yoga, and meditation classes to 8-25 HIV and hepatitis c  patients.

A Peaceful Journey.   Founding Teacher. 1.2000-present.
Teach yoga and meditation classes, workshops, and retreats at the home, office, and beach to groups and individuals. 

Free at Last and Redwood Center. Teacher. Fall 2001 and winter 2006.
Taught twelve-week course on yoga and meditation to 8-55 in patient drug and alcoholic rehabilitation patients.

 Insight Meditation Center. Guest Teacher.  11.02-present.
Teach yoga and meditation classes.

Kaiser Hospital.  Teacher.  1.03-12.05
Taught yoga and meditation classes to athletes, and people with pain.  Conducted physicians’ mindfulness class consisting of yoga, meditation, and other mindful movement.

Certifications through Awareness Training, Inc. and Integrated Yoga.  1997-present.
Completed many yoga workshops and retreats at Spirit Rock, Green Gulch, Mount Madonna, and IMC.  

Most recently completed
Yoga teacher untraining with Angela Farmer and Victor van Kooten I, II, III
Yoga for sitting I, II, III
Asanas of the shoulder
Yoga for arthritis and pain I & II
Yoga for RSI
Deepened practice by attending many silent 1-8 day meditation, yoga, and chi gong retreats at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, SF Zen Center, Medicine Buddha and Punta Serena retreat centers.  

Completed chi gong training. 
Stanford Medical Center.  Summer 2002.

Daily meditation, yoga, surfing and chi gong practice.


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