Student Comments on Yoga with Mike

"Surfer Mike taught with mindfulness, innovation and empathy. He encouraged beginners like me to take things at our own pace but taught poses challenging enough for even the advanced students. He customized the lesson depending on what he (correctly) intuited we needed, be it by offering poses we could do at the office or meditations for letting go. After a day of stress and deadlines, I especially love the respite of 'Child's Pose.'"  Dawn, Redwood City , CA .

”After, putting off going to your classes for several months (Years) because I didn't have the time, I finally went.    Then we stretched which turned out to be yoga.  I liked that part because it involved movement. Funny thing, I slept very well that night. I have come to realize that meditation can free your mind and reduce the stress of the day. Yoga is relaxing and makes me feel that I am doing something good for myself, and resting (melting into the floor) is very very soothing.   I enjoy your classes and now look forward to being there. I have found that I am more relaxed during the day, in a better mood, and sleep better a night. I think my co-workers would agree.  Maybe, you should have a class every other night. Thank You Very Much.”  Ed, Woodside , CA

“His approach to middle path yoga with an emphasis on mindfulness has made a measurable impact on me physically and mentally.  He is able to teach a class with students at many different levels simultaneously by offering alternatives versions of various postures.  He creates a relaxed environment that is non- competitive and takes into account individual differences.  He provides encouragement and individual help to anyone who asks and always encourages input from his students.  His informal manner makes it easy for even the shiest of students to ask questions and receive help.  He creates an atmosphere that puts the students at ease and allows them to follow their bodies' wisdom.  .   I have back issues that have improved a great deal as a result of his classes.  His emphasis on mindfulness has paid valuable dividends and is most helpful for focus and for stress reduction.”  Barbara, Atherton , CA

“Mike’s instructions are clear, easy to follow and weave in the Buddha dharma in the classes. I like how he gives suggestions in movement, but really plants that I move in a way that honors my body.  He made it really easy to do arm balances, but gave alternative instructions for those wanting to wait for a future day. I feel peaceful and well rested after class, and my level of concentration is better when doing workouts and sports activities.”  Todd, San Mateo , CA

“I found out how enjoyable yoga is. and plan on being more peaceful and caring. He sets a wonderful example of what he teaches.“  Barbara H., Menlo Park


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