1.   Turn off phone.  Cell Phone, too.

2.   Set timer 10 to 20 minutes.

3.   Lie on your back.  If lower back pain is present, place a pillow under the knees or place feet
      on chair so thighs are vertical and calves are parallel to floor.  Thighs and calves form a 90-
      degree angle. Soften the shoulders toward the earth and away from the ears.

4.   Place hands and arms 8 to 12 inches away from the body.  Let the palms face the sky.  Allow
      the fingers to gently curl towards the sky.

5.   Place feet and legs 2 to 3 feet apart and allow the feet to gently part to the sides Allow the
      heels to lengthen away from the head.

6.   Soften the face, jaw, throat, and part the teeth.  

7.   Breathe normally and naturally through the nose.  Expand the belly on each inhalation and allow 
      the ribs to expand to the sides.  On each exhalation experience the fall of the tummy towards 
      the spine and earth.

8.   Let the body sink deeper and deeper into the earth on the exhalation. Soften every inch of the
     body into the ground.   Allow every cell of the body to soften into the earth.

9.   If anything pulls your awareness from your body sinking into the earth, acknowledge the
      wandering mind and gently bring your awareness back to softening your body into the earth.

10. When the timer/bell rings slide your feet toward your sit bones, knees to the sky, take a few

11. Roll on your right side, soften the body into the earth and take a few moments on your side in
     fetal  position.   When you are ready use your arms and hands to push you up to seated
     position.  Allow the head, neck, and shoulders to stay soft and rise last. Take a few moments
     to sit with awareness on the breath.  Allow your body to sink into the earth.



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